Hostel - NSTI Vidyanagar, Hyderabad

Hostel - NSTI Vidyanagar


NSTI Boys Hostel

NSTI Vidyanagar, Hyderabad - Hostel is having 28 rooms in two floors with 2-3 girls sharing each spacious room. Hostel having 9 toilets 8 bath rooms, one mess attached with kitchen and one recreation hall. 4 Gysers and 4 semi automatic Washing Machines attached near bathrooms. 

We have contract mess facilities providing breakfast lunch dinner and twice tea and unlimited food approx. @ Rs. 3000/- per student per month. We have round the clock lady hostel attendants on duty for taking care of students.

For Executive Room - Rs.100/- per day/per trainee

For Non-executive room - Rs..25/- per day/ per trainee

Hostel Service charge - Rs.10/- per stay /per trainee

For Long term courses - Rs.100/ month


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